International Business & Trade (Mechelen)

Welcome to the information page of Thomas More University of Applied Sciences Mechelen, study programme International Business & Trade campus Mechelen.
The internship is an obligatory curriculum component for all final-year students and is conceived as the capstone of the bachelor's programme. Our programme links the bachelor project to the internship, for which we also expect your cooperation. The internship guidelines contain the objective of the internship as well as the commitment of the parties involved.
The internship period starts on 18/09/2023 and ends on 15/12/2023 for the minority of the students or for most of the students the internship starts on 12/02/2024 and ends on 17/05/2024 at the latest.
The internship offers the student experiential learning opportunities through active presence in a real professional and social work environment. During the internship, the student can apply his theoretical knowledge in real practical situations that are in line with the nature and level of the programme.
More information on the modalities can be found here under.
Guidelines and assignments of internship Programme Bachelor project
International Business & Trade Link Optional
Offer an Internship
If you wish to offer an internship to one of our International Business & Trade students, please take into account the following conditions:
  • The company/ organisation formulates a detailed internship assignment for the intern before the internship starts via our online portal.
  • The intern will be assigned a personal mentor at the internship site who will provide the intern with the necessary support and ensure regular monitoring of the intern's progress.
  • The internship takes place in a real professional and social working environment.
  • The intern gets to know the internal operation of an organisation, its structure, working climate, working methods, expectations, work pace, corporate culture.
  • The workload for the intern corresponds to that of a normal working week.
  • The internship location formulates an internship assignment that is in line with the profession-specific competences of the graduating subject.
We are looking forward to a fruitful and sustainable cooperation, and thank you in advance for your trust in our intern and programme.
Before you can enter an internship assignments, you must register via the following link:
With this you provide all the information necessary for drawing up the internship agreement, in which the rights and obligations of 3 parties (your organisation, Thomas More Mechelen and the student) are laid down.