International Tourism and Leisure (Mechelen)

Welcome to the internship page of the International Tourism and Leisure programme.
Internship opportunities We have 2 types of internships. You can apply for both types of traineeships.
1. Internship ITL (3-year bachelor) - 12 weeks
These students follow the 3-year bachelor programme.
They do an internship during the last semester of their programme. The internship can take place during 2 periods, namely from March to June or from September to December.
The majority of students do their work placement from end of March to middle of June. (12 weeks continuously)
Our students choose their own internships and contact you directly, like a regular solicitation, usually by no later than:
Note: students do not have to receive a remuneration during internship periods.
  • 1st of December for the traineeships from March to June
  • 1st of June for the traineeship from September to December
2. Internship ITL (shortened bachelor - second degree) - 9 weeks
A limited number of students already obtained their first bachelor degree. They study the International Tourism and Leisure Bachelor programme via a shortened track. These students also have a shorter internship period, which takes place during summer (July-August) or autumn (September-November).
These students also choose their own work placement/traineeship by 1st of June at the latest.
If you wish to offer an internship to one of our International tourism students, please take into account the following conditions:
  • The company/ organisation formulates a detailed internship assignment for the trainee before the internship starts via our online portal. (Link will be provided to you)
  • The workload for the trainee corresponds to that of a normal working week.
  • The intern/trainee is assigned a personal mentor at the company/organisation who provides the intern with the necessary support and ensures regular monitoring of the trainee’s progress, including evaluation via two online assessments and feedback moments. (link will be provided)
  • The internship takes place in a real professional working environment.
  • The intern gets acquainted with the internal workings of the organisation, its structure, working climate, working methods, expectations, work pace, and corporate culture.
We are looking forward to a fruitful and sustainable cooperation, and thank you in advance for your trust in our trainee and programme.